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Holy Monastery of Dadiou "Panagia Gavriotissa"

Elder Ambrosios Lazaris

Spiritual Father of Dadiou Monastery

Holy Metropolis of Fthiotida, Greece

Selection and commentary by Leontios Monahos[2]      

Elders Iakovos Tsalikis (left) and Ambrosios (right)

 01. At the end of August 2001, someone asked him to pray to Saint Nektarios for help. The elder said:

- Leave the saint alone, my child. He is in America, rushing to save lives.

On September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers fell. A few months earlier he had said that what will happen in America will change the course of History:

- A great evil will happen to America, and not only in September. Woe!

He had foretold this also to the blessed Bishop Anthony of Sisaniou & Siatistis in one of the latter’s visits, while others were present too, without however giving further explanations:

- Your Eminence, see what will happen to the Americans in a couple of months, he said. (page 119)


 02. In 1990 he said that because God wants to support the people, He will soon reveal His Saints visibly. Because the temptations will be great and the sufferings heavy, the Lord will allow for Saints appear, and even great ones like St Demetrius or St Gorge. People will be hearing that on one week this Saint appeared in Crete, on the next another Saint appeared in Macedonia, another here, another there (p 122).


03. - Elder, what can I do with my children who are difficult?  They shout at me, the watch the dangerous TV programs and are influenced.

- Only the Lord can rectify the situation, you will say: “Lord, save me, mend my ways, and enlighten my children to be close to You”. Then the Lord will listen and will provide you with what is needed.

- But does the Lord Listen to us? Does our voice reach there?

- I don’t know… but last month he had sore ears!

- Tough years will come, but don’t be afraid. God does not forsake His children, he will protect them brazenly.

- What do you mean, Elder?

- Well, if you don’t have anything to eat, you will wake up in the morning finding a loaf of bread on the table and you will say: “Where did this come from?” But you must have faith. Without faith, nothing happens. (p 178)


04. - From now on, you cannot imagine what you will see and hear. Never before have such things happened in the world, he said one day in the summer of 2005.

- Will they happen to Greece?

- To the whole world and to us. And why? Because we are the beacon of Orthodoxy, but we ended up from sin worse than the atheists. (p 178)


 05.  The Elder used to say about the final Judgment, that the end of the world will last as long as the Six Psalms, a few minutes. During the time we will be judged, in the heavens the angels will chant the Six Psalms. All living people will experience instant death, and immediately after they will be resurrected; we will all be with our bodies immaterial without occupying space, each of us will see the other’s body and everyone will have the age of 33 years.

         The Lord will be holding the book of life, the Gospel, and automatically we will go to the right or to the left, because we will know whether we are for Paradise or not. That’s why in the Throne where the Bishop sits, in the icon of Christ the book is open, and there is no oil lamp – which signifies that there is no mercy at the Second Coming. In contrast, on the iconostasis, Christ holds the book closed, and there is an oil lamp, because we still have mercy. (p 183)


06.  Because very hard times are coming for mankind, God took certain people and made them officers. (p 210)


07. Things will advance very rapidly. The devil will prevail. Whoever approaches him, he will strike and he will crush. He has no friends. (p 210)


08. Be careful, because the evil one sets up snares. Don’t laugh! He is next to us but you cannot see him. Listen to what I’m saying. Don’t stop praying!

The devil makes folks sin, and after the sin he scares them and makes them be ashamed of going to confession. I went to hell for 15 minutes and thought I was there three hours. (p 210)


09.  Whoever gets the mark (of the beast), will not find a moment of peace.  You must acquire strong faith, by yourselves, with patience, with kindness, with fairness. We must not lose the faith! Have steadfast faith, and God will provide help. Without praying, we are doomed. Don’t think about the future, everything is in God’s hands. Read the Patristic texts every day a little and God will enlighten. Then your mind (nous) will grow stronger. (p 211)


10.  The prayer «Lord have mercy» is like a sword that cuts Satan in two. We miserable folks found ourselves in the end times, both monks and laypeople, but the fight is a fight.

You shall not stop the fight for even a second. Fight to the end! And then the Lord, who crowns the people and restores them forever, He will give you not the phony and vain things of this life, but will make you worthy of reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven. Forever! Not for only 1000 or 100,000 years. Forever means without end. (p 211)


11.  Even if the earth grows twice as much (in population) God can feed it. Regarding the resurrection of bodies, have no doubt. Yes, I am 90 years old. This body must melt in the grave in order to come out new, incorruptible, everlasting, without falling ill, without feeling pain, without thirsting, without feeling hot; it will be like the angelic bodies. As long as we don’t fall into sin. God wants us to tell Him that we only live for Him. If we stay in sin, then hell will be everlasting. The situation cannot be changed there, the suffering, the agony, the pain, the fire.

At the Seminary they tell you these things softened. Neither Iakovos nor Porfyrios were saying these in a strict manner. That’s how they should say these for people to listen and repent. The devil comes and attacks me mercilessly. He tells me: “Don’t tell them these so clearly. Let them sleep. Don’t let them awaken”. (p 211)


12. Sin enters via the sensory organs. We must stop it in our brain, by prayers and with the Lord’s prayer.

Envy is the worst sin, and we have no excuses. It must be expelled out of us. Saints sinned too, but they were sanctified. As humans, they fell into transgressions, but became holy. (p 214)


13. (About someone who suffered from depression): He still has not perfected his faith. When we truly believe, we talk with Christ like we do with our friend or father. Then He will converse with us. Christ will talk to us about all our issues, either via another person, or inside us he will speak and we will understand Him.

God has no constraints.

God rectifies everything with one caress.

When we err, our guardian Angel leaves, and sits farther away, saddened. But with one “I’m sorry”, my child, when it’s from the bottom of our soul, he returns.

Those who depart on Passion Week, go straight up. Blessed is the (faithful) person who dies on Saturday and has the funeral on Sunday. The road to heaven is open. (p 214)  


 14. Demons sometimes appeared to him, and the times he confronted them to save a person were not few. Sometimes demons even hit him, but he would not reveal this easily.

For example, at one time, a large-bodied demon appeared to him and punched him in the face, and the Elder, who was then standing and strong, did not hesitate and punched him back. The marks of the blows on him where sometimes visible, like the time when they bit him in the right hand, between the index finger and thumb, and the blessed Bishop Antonios of Sisaniou & Siatistis who saw it, turned and told one of his spiritual children accompanying him:

- Did you see what satan did to him?

One other time, when he was bedridden and could not even hear confessions, doctor T. Douros was in search of a spiritual father, and the Elder heard his confession, but during the night he suffered from the attacks of the demons who hit him because he took upon him the sins of the doctor. But at another time when one of his spiritual children asked him for his forgiveness because of the hardship he brought to him after confession, he relieved him saying:

- This is my job, my child. (p 89)


15. The Elder went to a monastery to worship, together with a young priest who was his spiritual child. At the reception room where they sat, there was an old photograph of the monks of that Monastery. While they were drinking some coffee, he took the photograph and pointed to one of the monks out of the 20 being pictured, and said into the ear of the young priest:

- Do you see them? Only this one is saved. (p 107)


 16. Two years before his reposed, he told to one of his spiritual children who he held in high esteem, when he suggested to take him for a short walk to unwind shortly after his release from the “Attiko” hospital:

- George, from where I am, I go everywhere. I see everything.

The well-known incidents about the Elder are revealing in regard to this gift that God gave him, especially during the last three years of his life. For example, one time he revealed that his was in a cave, serving Liturgy when the early Christians.

His spiritual journeys however, did not only concern the past. He could transport himself spiritually and be informed about a variety of things happening either at present or in the future. At one time, for instance, he had confided that he was in Crete, serving Liturgy together with a Priest, beloved spiritual child of his, and was very pleased by what he experienced. (p 124)


17. As all should remember, during the morning of September 11, 2004, in the sea area of Sigitikos bay eight nautical miles away from Mount Athos, crashed the Chinook helicopter which was carrying the Patriarch of Alexandria Peter and 16 people with him, clergy and laity. That same evening the Elder was in great prayer. He saw where it was, and was feeling pain about what he saw, because he was wincing and his face made grimaces. He revealed only that the victims died in an agonizing manner, because they understood they were about to die and also they suffered severely.

Someone asked him:

- Elder, why this way, in this place, and so many of them?

- God gathered them all, my child, because that was His will, he responded.

But after a few days, when they brought the same topic in conversation, the Elder added the following:

- The manner they died, takes them all into Heaven. (p 124)


18.  The people in our days do not come toward the light, because their works are evil as the Lord said in the Gospel. And when they go to talk with someone and listen to the word of God, again they get more confused, because their works are evil. (p. 212)


19. Out of the 10 million Greeks, the 2 million will be saved, because they are steadfast. Why, did you see what you’re telling me? You won’t change course the way you are, even if they chop your head off. That’s how those 2 million of the Greeks are.

But the 8 million that the wolf took and choked, where are they? You really don’t know what corruption exists inside Greece. An unimaginable catastrophe, both of the spirit and of the body. (p. 202)


20. In the year 2000, the abbot of another Monastery went to Dadiou Monastery, accompanied by a group of young people. Everyone was expecting to hear some good words from Elder Ambrosios. After the introductions, the abbot asked:

- How do you see these young folks, elder?

He stopped to think for a little, somewhat sad, raised his eyes, looked at them and said:

- I don’t see zeal!

And after the silence that fell on the group, he continued:

- Tell me, who do you love, the abbot or Christ?  I think you love the abbot.

Implicitly he criticized the tendency some people have for attaching themselves unto Elders (who satisfy their own worldly will).

...We must not deify abbots and elders, but the goal must be Jesus Christ. He is the one who saves. The others are the means, not the end.” And he was categorical about this. (p 161)



21. We, the Greeks, have the need of strong catechism. Where are you, sir professors? 10,000 professors of theology, you should go to the town squares to preach the Gospel, not wait in the highschools and pulpits. Because the pulpits don’t reach the people! Why?

Unfortunately, the truth that should be told is not said inside the Christian temple. The truth is hidden by all of us teachers. I tell you this with full conscience. The truth is hidden, the Greek people are not taught like they ought to be. We direct them elsewhere and are not telling them the truth that would bring them to their senses, which would bring us to our senses as well. Because our spirits are blinded and our hearts are in darkness, without the Spirit of God, which we are supposed to transmit to our neighbor, to transmit to our fellow humans the Spirit of God. (p. 233)


 22. Don’t wait, my Christian brothers, for a prophet Elijah to come and save us. Because if that time comes, it will be very tragic for man, especially for us Christians, when prophet Elijah will come upon the earth.

He is here on earth, the prophet, he is here among us, and he will reveal himself in his allotted time, which will be terrible for false prophets like myself, my Christian brothers. I also am a "false" prophet, unfortunately, because I only say words to you, but am not accomplished in works, and therefore forgive me. (p. 233).


Abbess Galini-Dadiou Monastery

Abbess Galine of Dadiou  Monastery "Panagia Gavriotissa"

(Reposed in the Lord on  April 20th, 2012)

    Comments by Leontios Monahos Dionysiates:

  Some quotations, although not visibly prophetic, reveal the tendencies of our times, and in that light they were selected along with the others, to comprise a complementary entity. Besides, prophecies for Orthodoxy are the strongest expression of its teaching, and not some kind of fortune-telling, as they think fans of astrological forecasts and of ambiguous quatrains of Nostradamus.

We observe in 01 that elder Ambrosios predicts another event similar to 9/11 in America, possibly one that is known asNew Dawn - Blackjack”. These acts (if not from enemies) are aiming to abolish democratic freedoms, and are carried out by the para-state which controls (working behind the scenes and through masonic lodges) the governments in the entire West. Christians will suffer greatly from these events, but for consolation God will send to them Saints, to relieve them from their many hardships (02). Many miracles will be occurring, even for the daily nourishment of the faithful (03).

Elder Ambrosios sees these events (04) worsening from 2005 onwards. The same was said by elder Bessarion.[3]

Many well-known elders that reposed in the latter years received powers (06) from God, in order to support the faithful of the struggling Church on earth.  Such elders were Porfyrios, Paisios, Iakovos Tsalikis etc, and, of course, elder Ambrosios himself, who is more recent .

elders_ambrosios-porfyrios -

Elders Ambrosios, and Porfyrios (right). 

Fortunately, for those that are already spiritually prepared, things will develop very rapidly, and because those who aspire to topple law and order are now working almost overtly together with the devil (promoting occultism everywhere), evil will become widespread (07). However, those who side with the devil shall perish.

The "mark of the beast", even before the final Antichrist, on them who receive it, is a sign of submission to the antichrist spirit of those who pursue the totalitarian control of mankind. This is regardless whether the control happens by force visibly, e.g. with wars, or covertly, by guided anarchy, fake-terrorism, etc. Therefore it has spiritual consequences; it is not something neutral to the salvation of the soul of those who receive it, even if the final Antichrist has not yet appeared. According to elder Ambrosios (09) the people who receive the mark will not have peace even in this life.

The Jesus Prayer” in its various expressions such as Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me” is a strong spiritual weapon (10). The demons are distancing themselves from the people who pray in this way. The elders, when their spiritual children are weak, avoid talking about the evil spirits, in order to prevent confusion and panic to their mind. However, for the Monks and whoever has acquired certain spiritual experiences, the exposure of the role of the demons for the deceit of the faithful is valuable, and that is the reason why elder Ambrosios was talking about this subject (11), when many theologians, especially in the west, ignore it.

The New World Order is trying with ...endless wars to accomplish its dominance. Nevertheless, with a minute movement like a caress (13), God will overturn all its vain effort and Orthodoxy will shine universally.

Demons are embodied sometimes, when God allows, and consequently the elder’s experience of them (14) is not strange, and resembles that of Phil Schneider that we wrote in another text (the same as in footnote 3, about 2012). Of course they don’t die (since they are spirits) if you shoot them, but you just damage or destroy their temporary materialization.

God does not do personal favors in the matter of salvation. If the monks don’t strive to be saved, the monks will perish too (15).

The elder was able to travel in time (16) and have realistic experiences from these journeys. Moreover not just into the future, for which Einstein’s formulas allow a small a possibility, but even into the past!

The fall of the Chinook (17) with the Patriarch of Alexandria occurred on September 11 (2004), like 3 years earlier on the same day was the occurrence of the attack on the twin towers.

How many finally are the saved Greeks, at the 2nd Coming, has not been revealed to anyone. Those, whom the elder refers to, are they  that lived during his time, and according to his opinion they could be saved (19).

The respect and love toward the elders must stand on the archetype, the leader of our souls, Lord Jesus Christ (20). Otherwise there is self serving and false comforting of the soul, which in reality is preserved in a kind of hibernation. At that time also there is no true Spirit inside of us to enlighten, and strengthen the faith of others. Much more the truth is not being told openly and officially (from the pulpit) (21). That’s a characteristic of the widespread hypocrisy of our last days, at which time prophet Elijah will appear to preach, with a voice uncompromising to the prevailing corruption. But he will appear very few years before the 2nd Coming, not now, since not even the 3rd world war has occurred yet, so we should not be basing our salvation on his appearance (22).

3rd  Salutations, March, (7)20, 2009

Translated from Greek to English in October 2012

Leontios Monahos Dionysiates

Prophetic quotations of Elder Ambrosios (1) in pdf 


Prophetic quotations of Elder Ambrosios (2) in htm   

Prophetic quotations of Elder Ambrosios (2) in pdf 



[2]   Leontios Monahos Dionysiates (LMD) is a Monk of Holy Monastery of Dionysiou, on Mount Athos, Greece.

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