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By Monk Leontios Dionysiates


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St. Kosmas of Aetolia (Greece), equal to the Apostles, prophesied the following:

Prophecy No. 108 "There will come a time when Christians will rise up against each other." (1)

Prophecy No. 48:  "They will try to solve it [the conflict] with the pen, but will not be able: [They will solve it] 99 times with war and only once with the pen." (1)

Saint Kosmas (or Cosmas)                

Greek ancient city in Tavrida (Crimea):


Crimea water supply map:

 Areas in the Ukraine with a population that supports Russia which rose up against the EU right, after the Western overthrow of the pro-Russian Ukrainian government: 

President Putin speaks to Russian MPs on reunification Crimea - Russia:

Lower is the presidential flag of Russia since 1994 (Link). President Putin did not change it, even though he re-instated the Soviet anthem and the pentagram...!  (2)

We had already noted this. Vladimir Putin cannot unite these irreconcilable symbols! They do not belong to merely opposite political camps but to opposing spiritual powers. (2)  But this New World Order attitude is secular, and the arrangements it makes show that it is incapable of distinguishing between good and evil. They are all placed into the same category.


Left: A strange co-existence.

The Orthodox Christian double-headed eagle (podium) alongside Communist symbols and the Masonic pentagram!

Putin is a politician and so, we cannot expect much from him spiritually.

However, events are unfolding and it is their spiritual dimension that concerns us, because the law is spiritual and it regulates the universe of rational beings (humans and angels). It is also that law (and not chance) which brings all to their positive or negative conclusion.



     In Crimea it seems that Putin's Russia, an eastern superpower, is winning, while up until now it looked as though the Western superpower (America) was prevailing, given its "democratization" efforts in Africa and the Middle East with the help of large European interests. World governments are motivated by worldly concerns and not anything spiritual that they may be advertising. Their hypocrisy is an advanced evil, characteristic of our times and of our lack of spirituality. The Pope of Rome, ever falling away from the True Faith, is now the leader in hypocrisy.


Left: Time
magazine of March 25, 2013.
Pope Francis I was proclaimed Person of the Year by Time magazine in 2013. What did he do? Nothing. He is simply being promoted as such. Even though he is portrayed in sheep's clothing... he eats raw meat like a wolf!

Time magazine writes, "New World Pope" i.e. the "New World Order's Pope"! There are portrayals of Pope Francis I in other magazines as well. The Pope blesses, with his presence in a rock magazine, bands with satanic lyrics ... because the times are changing!


 The Pope also "blessed" the peace in Ukraine as soon as the violent, western-orchestrated Maidan demonstrations began. However, as our ancient (Greek) ancestors would have said, the signs that followed the symbolic release of the two doves were not a good "omen" at all!


1st photo: Two children, each releasing one dove.



     2nd photo: One of the released doves is attacked by a seagull.



3rd photo: The other released dove is viciously attacked by a carrion crow.


      The news of the disturbances in the Ukraine began to verify the bad omens arising from the incident with the doves. The pro-Russian government was overthrown on February 21, 2014 by Western-backed protesters, and a new government was installed. This action was not recognized as legal by the Russians. However, President Putin affirms that Crimea, in particular, is justified in its determination to secede from the Ukraine and to join with Russia. He maintains that Crimea is merely following the same strategy that the West considered legal concerning the secession of Kosovo from Serbia: "Our Western partners created a precedent in Kosovo by their own hand.  In a situation exactly the same as that of Crimea, they recognized Kosovo's secession from Serbia as legal, while agreeing that no permission from the [Serbian] central government was necessary for the unilateral proclamation of independence."

     Putin added that the International Court of the United Nations agreed with those arguments. "This is what they wrote and announced to the entire world – and now, [in the case of Crimea] they protest. Why is this so?" he asks. <Link>

      Putin does not call the West "partners" simply to get on their good side as partners in the New World Order! He does so to remind them of their obligations towards that end, and recommends that they stop being "hysterical", emphasizing that "Russia is an independent and active participant in international relations [i.e. Globalization]. And, as every other nation, it has national interests which must be considered and respected." But superpowers do not consider smaller powers. They use their power to force their own will on others even if it is illegal to do so.

Communists and far-right party members broke into a brawl in the Ukrainian parliament (April 8, 2014):

     What is new and more apparent in the Ukraine is that the conflict began now among Christians. Until now we have had, in other nations, conflicts between Muslims and Christians. It becomes more obvious that this will degenerate into a civil war, according to a prophecy, between Christians:

    "If the blonde race, along with the agents [satellite nations] confounds all of Ishmael take the Seven-hilled City [Constantinople], and receive its privileges [the strait of Bosporus, etc.], then, they will wage a savage civil war up until the fifth hour..." (3)

     Elder Joseph (from Vatopedi, Holy Mount) explains: "The blonde race, according to common opinion, advocate regarding this and the following prophecies which we shall mention, is Russia along with "its agents", i.e. the satellite states... Since the battle will be between Christians and not between Christians and Muslims, it is referred to as a civil war, and its "savage" nature signifies the manic struggle for dominance. (3)

      And the "3-year old heifer" in St. Kosmas' prophecy (1, 58th), that will swim in blood signifies, in a spiritual interpretation, the fragmentation amongst Christians. The apostate Christians of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Rome, now worshipping the "golden calf" or "heifer" (see Exodus) will enter into conflict with each other, not only economically but also militarily, with weapons. (4)  

     Many regions around Constantinople have the name "Bous" (ox or calf). Another prophecy says: "The ox will shout and the Bald Hill will lament." Moscow, (in Greek "Moscha" which reminds us of the calf), was the 3rd Rome but only politically because Constantinople fell (in 1453), having been led astray by its political leaders. In contrast, there were in Constantinople people of great stature who kept the Faith, such as St. Gennadios Scholarios, who was Ecumenical Patriarch after the City's fall. It is through them that Constantinople maintained its leadership role in matters of Orthodoxy.

     After the "civil war", the main part of World War III, there will be a re-lighting of Orthodoxy, centralized in Orthodox countries. The peace that arises from the re-lighting will give occasion for the last Ecumenical Council. But there will not be a 4th Rome, which is why we wrote: "Third Rome and End times."  (5)

     The circumstances are those of a "hot war" and thus more critical than those of the "cold war" period which arose after World War II. Accordingly, the calling of a Pan-Orthodox Council is too optimistic while the clouds of conflict are still looming - especially over Orthodox countries. But this is not only a matter of world peace. If God-loving governments, approved by the Orthodox peoples, is not re-established, then there will not be (possibly) any synodal decisions considered valid and free of political, pseudo-spiritual and other pressures. What is occurring now is that Western powers are enacting more and more laws that are opposed to God's Laws. This is characteristic of the attitude which leads to Antichrist, exactly because it fights against Christ.

     The more that the Law of God is scorned, the more that demonic actions are strengthened. This is why the Dragon in the book of Revelations has ten horns: Its strength rests upon the trampling of the Ten Commandments: "The ten horns are the evils and intrigues of the devil, through which he wars and butts against God's Ten Commandments." (6)  

     In 2009, the US President, Barack Obama, formally proclaimed June to be Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) month! Excessive comfort is the mother of this kind of evil (emergence of all sorts of "sexualities"). But instead of helping poor people to have a better life, Obama dedicates a month to honour an advanced disorder of sleek people. It seems that he himself has a... past!  <2009b - in Greek>

     The European Union and the USA have raised homosexuality to the level of dogma. And so now, vices are being honoured instead of virtues! And yet we still ask ourselves ...when the Antichrist is coming!

     The Secretary of State, John Kerry, who belongs to the secret occultist society of "Skull and Bones", wishes to apply pressure to the leaders of other countries to accept the new and progressive morality of the New World Order; in the following case, the president of Uganda.

   The Americans always act with their own interests in mind, but that which is not apparent is actually the most important to the New World Order: the war against the Ten Commandments! In this way, the devil transforms from an ant to a lion. (7)

    If the world becomes convinced to follow the new "morality", then the "Destroyer", mentioned in the book of Revelations, will come quickly. The Destroyer will come as a person (later, at the end of the World), and as an evil spirit (earlier) who will cause the battle of Armageddon bringing punishment to those who follow the modern "morality" at the same place where Sodom and Gomorrah stood, for the same sins for which Sodom and Gomorrah were formerly  punished. (8)  According to Elder Paisios: "No one will return victorious. The field of battle shall be in Palestine, and their grave shall be the Dead Sea. This is in the first half (of the World War)."  (9,220)

     The Russians still hold fast: "In general, we will stand against the inclusion of references to sexual orientation in international documents, including the motions of UN organs," states Gennady Gatilov (Deputy to the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister) in an interview that was released in the web site of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry. (Interfax-10/12/2013). <Link>

   The Patriarch of Russia rightly notes that the primary threat faced by Russia (and all Orthodox) is the destruction of the Faith.



     Let us not forget that one of the greatest sicknesses, which is also the root of all evil, is greed (1 Tim. 6:10). Bion of Borysthenes, who lived in the 3rd century BC in the region around the Borysthenes river, now called Dnieper in modern Ukraine, said that "the greedy are owned by what they own". St. Athanasius the Great lists which evils are caused by greed: "The desire for wealth, perjury, theft, rapine, fornication, envy, hatred of one's brother, war, idolatry, desire for surplus; and its offshoots are hypocrisy, flattery and deception: we confess that the cause of all these is greed." (PG 28,1508)

    Truly, greed is what drives the last attempt (around 1990) at globalization through large banks and stock exchanges. Its "elite" are supported by scientific centers, "well-read" economists, politicians, owners of mass-media etc., about whom St. Kosmas of Aetolia foretold: "The evil will come from the well-read"! (1, 54th) And David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, said in a 1991 speech: "We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. ... It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries". (quotes)

    However, it is not the national auto or self-determination which had been tried but people's empathies. It destroyed sometimes one country, sometimes another. But if the entire world becomes one country, scorning, as it does now, Christ's commandments, then the whole world will be destroyed and no other situation will take its place. This will occur during the time of the final Antichrist, who will, noticeably or not, come through globalization, and after which will immediately follow the Second Coming of Christ.

     Even though globalization convenes and decides at the highest levels, events are not turning out as it had planned, but they follow a more mixed path which is determining the general disposition in the souls of leaders and subjects, so that, the more they are pre-disposed to accept globalization, the more irrational things become. This is why Elder Paisios (+1994) said regarding what is happening in Greece: "God will not allow evil to occur, but there will occur things and wonders that cannot be explained logically!" (10,165)

     People are "going insane" all the more, because they believe that they know it all, and they underestimate the Gospel. But events, which follow a spiritual law, show that they agree with all that Scripture foretells regarding the obedience or disobedience of God's commandments. Those who truly believe and do not interpret events simply along political and strategic lines, preferring rather interpret based on God's commandments, understand the spiritual dimension of all that occurs. And in this manner they see how much the globalist occultists and those of questionable morality are leading us towards progress or towards destruction.

    Up to a certain point, someone who is not so spiritually sick, even a non-Christian, can also understand this. In Antiquity, for example, Plutarch commented regarding the situation in his time: "I, though, see brotherly love (philadelphia) to be so rare among us as hatred towards brother (misadelphia) was among the ancients."  And in the case of the Ukraine the hatred towards brother is so apparent from the world broadcasting of events there by the mass media. Let us not think that this constitutes an exception; rather, it is the beginning of conflicts within Christian countries, in which few keep unadulterated the Faith given by Christ, the Apostles and the Holy Fathers.

     Another ancient philosopher, Diogenes the Cynic (400-325 BC), from Sinope in the Black Sea, taught that "Nature provided man with all that he needs to survive, but man produced artificial and imaginary desires and needs which frequently lead to evil and corruption. A natural and austere life is incomparably more pleasurable than the life of civilized man, who chases after artificial pleasures and leads a life more miserable than that of the animals." Even though Diogenes held some extreme positions, asserting, for example, that some sciences such as Geometry, Music and Astronomy are worthless, he nevertheless correctly observed how vainly people lived who did not approach life in a philosophical manner.

     Only the Creator, Who exists outside of creation, truly knows His creatures; therefore, it is only He who can provide us with the true meaning of life. The philosophy of life was given by revelation to humanity and especially through the Church, as evidenced by its unique ability to spiritually transform people, to make holy the unworthy, and to help those who repent of their former evil deeds to strive until the end for virtue. It is also evidenced by the unique and God-inspired written works in its possession. These works do not contain fleeting counsels, but the word of God which remains, even if heaven and earth disappear, because it is spiritual and thus outlasts all that is corruptible. (Matt. 25:35) And our soul, spiritual as it is, belongs to spiritual creation, which was created by God to be rational and immortal. (11)

     Man, having fallen from the spiritual and dispassionate heights in which Adam lived and to which Christ restores us (primarily through the Holy Mysteries of His Church), is not able to see the true and eternal destiny of his soul. What remains instead is only the ability to assess the conditions of his life based on rational and natural approaches which are limited by his passions. In this manner he develops at the personal level a somewhat philosophical view of himself, since, as Antisthenes the Cynic (Athens, 444-366 BC) writes: "the profit from philosophy is the ability to communicate with one's self." Socrates (470-399 BC) concluded that "the soul of the philosopher abstains from pleasure, desire, grief and fear."

     In general, when humanity is not entirely given over to the passions, we say that it still retains some rational abilities which help it to solve its problems. Among the Christians, the head is Christ, and those who follow Him keep His commandments because they are commandments of life and liberty. Christ said, "For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak." (John 12:49-50) And "if therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed!" (John 8:36)  

    Freedom came, to those who accepted it, from the "Place of the Skull," where our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for our salvation. This freedom was preached by missionaries who transmitted the Gospel throughout Byzantium and in the lands of the Ukraine, where barbarian tribes had once lived such as the Scythians who, at one time attacked ancient Israel.


Map showing the routes taken by the Scythians in their descent towards Egypt:

    Therefore, now that we find ourselves in a period of apostasy, we are proceeding backwards, from the Ukraine towards Jerusalem and the "Place of the Skull," in order to learn all that will happen to us, to see that the word of God is true and to be convinced that without repentance all the afflictions prophesied will occur. This is why in Greek the name of Ukraine (Oukrania; ou=no, krania=skulls) characterizes our irrational age, in which rulers and subjects are being governed by three major passions: greed, hedonism and ambition which, when allowed to reach their peak, will cause the mutual destruction of unrepentant people.  

    Speaking, therefore, of a "U-krainian age", we are stating that Ukraine reveals a violent fervor among Christian populations. These populations do not, as the name suggests, use the supernatural means that Christ, the Head of the Church, provides us, nor do they use their own heads in a natural manner; rather, they think in an irrational manner, Headless_Horsemancontrary to nature and government by passions which are either animal or demonic. We also have the "Headless Horseman," a FOX TV series: "Don't lose your head," as the slogan reminds us. Many say that this horseman is a sign of the Apocalypse! (SLEEPY HOLLOW)

      And in the Ukraine, as with the Arab lands and Syria, foreigners are the main enablers of disturbances and divisions among their peoples. Let us not think that those peoples are somehow more sinful than others because these evils befall them; rather, we should know that their situation applies to the rest of humanity -as an extension of Jerusalem.

     The Lord said to the Israelites regarding the tower of Siloam which fell and killed 18 people: "Do you think that they were worse offenders than all those who live in Jerusalem? I tell you, no, but, unless you repent, you will all perish as they did!" (Luke 13:4-5)  


headless sign


   Have the occultists perceived our entry into the loosely-translated "headless" or "U-kranian" age? Owing to their mentality, however deceived it may be, they can probably tell which symbol aptly corresponds to their anticipation of the appearance of their world leader or "head".

   The current leaders are quite small (almost non-existent) to face these events and, for this reason, the world seems to be headless. The occultists thus use headless symbols to warn that we cannot continue without the world leader who is to come. (Link)

    Symbols of headless people on T-shirts! They sell us clothes that insult us, essentially calling us brain-dead masses, and yet many choose to buy and wear such insults.  

“Needs Head", says the symbol to the left ... possibly indicating the world leader (Antichrist) who, along with his world government, is considered essential even by the Pope!  



Resembling a street sign... and the "headless" one who leaves his head. And this is one of many such T-shirt prints.

Fashion is dictated to display in a psychological manner the need for a new leader since, now, all those with a secular outlook do not have Christ as their Head and therefore feel headless without a powerful leader. 

Books, games and websites; all are reminding us that headless people are somehow "fun"! But only to those with a demonic mentality. Conclusion: A secular mentality leads to Antichrist, creating the need for a world leader who prepares a New Order by exploiting and enforcing corruption, debauchery and unrestrained ambition on a global scale.


    The path towards globalization must be seen as a return to barbarism and pure animal instincts which serve to destroy civilization.  According to Freud, "man stands before a choice: absolute instinctual satisfaction - and barbarism - or partial instinctual non-satisfaction but with cultural and spiritual development." (13)

    Western Christianity has been corrupted by the fake spirituality of the Pope, the Protestant denominations and, lately, of the World Council of Churches (WCC). They have no desire to confront evil but, even worse, they support and promote evil, introducing secular doctrines into their self-styled "churches" and re-writing Scripture to make it politically correct! (12-link) They ordain women “priestesses", even "bishops" and bless the passions instead of teaching others the way to overcome them.

  The World Council of Churches (WCC) also has its own headless icon!  It is found in the fifth slide of the presentation for the 9th General Assembly, in 2006, (9th_assembly_english.ppt). The icon in question is that of Mary, the Mother of God, which displays and honours the Orthodox Church; and since the WCC rejects her, it cuts off her head! This kind of "piety" dominates the worldly-minded WCC. The Orthodox participate in the WCC and still... many wonder if we are living in the end times!

      Hieromonk George Kapsanis, former abbot of the Holy Monastery of St. Gregory (Athos) wrote: "We live in a time of confusion, of inter-Christian and inter-religious syncretism (mixing) by the so-called New Age [or New World Order]. The fullness of the Orthodox Church is being influenced. Recently, a professor of the University of Athens wrote that he felt it as proper to light a candle before a statue of a Hindu goddess as it is to light a candle before an icon of the Mother of God"!... (14-more in Greek)

    This "spirituality" of the apostates, i.e. former Christians, with the False Prophet as leader, will aid in the appearance of Antichrist, just as it is foretold in Revelations: "Then saw another beast coming up out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke like a dragon", (satanic words, against Christ's commandments), as St. John the Evangelist and Theologian says. (Rev. 13:11). And he goes on to present the "Beast" as being completely demonic: "He exercises all the authority of the first beast [the Antichrist] in his behalf and makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship before the first beast (the one, whose fatal wound had been healed." (Rev. 13:12)  (15)

     We have entered, therefore, the age which levels and vanishes leaders (in their majority), making worldly-minded people feel headless. In turn, they long for a worldly "saviour" or pseudo-Christ, in place of the Head of the Orthodox Church, Who is the only true Saviour and Who never abandons His faithful so long as they do not abandon Him by disobeying His commandments.

    With the help of a proper spiritual father, we can better discern our situation, always abiding by teachings of Christ and of the Saints of His Church. Now, however, many incredible events are taking place throughout the entire world. Even though the spiritual law is the same for humanity as it is for each person, our minds are too small to for us to understand the Universe as a whole. This is why Christ gave us, in the book of Revelations, the signs required to discern every major situation in a spiritual manner. Christ did so in order to prevent us from being deceived by worldly fantasies which obstruct our repentance and, in order to explain and affirm God's providence to humanity in every historical period.

     Despite European Union's mythical proclamations of a "better future", the Fourth Trumpet of the Apocalypse shows us otherwise: As the ashes from volcanic eruption in Iceland cut off air travel and darkened the material light of the sun (in 3/21/2010), the passions, which have been gradually darkening the spiritual light of people's souls (as we approach the End of the World), had by then darkened the total brightness of mankind's souls by one third.  And for this reason society will shortly fall out of control, not because of bad policies or economic crises, but from people's evil desires. (See the pdf article concerning the 4th Trumpet, in Greek). St. Kosmas of Aetolia foretold: "The clergy will become like the laity and the laity will become like the animals"! (see Prophecy 57)

   This catastrophic path has already begun, and continuing in this manner, humanity proceeds to rupture itself, culminating in a large-scale war between the great powers.

   The ethnic symbol of Ukraine is a trident, which formally signifies the Holy Trinity but has mythological roots, originally signifying Poseidon's trident. Today, where an idolatrous mentality prevails, because of mass apostasy, it becomes all too apparent that this war will not be constrained to land but will extend to the sea as well. The confrontation that will occur there (on the sea) will concern the undersea oil wells signaled by the 5th Trumpet of the Apocalypse.

   The war over fresh water, along with Armageddon, comes later. It precedes the descent of the "blonde race" in the former lands of the Eastern Roman Empire, which is an event included in the 5th trumpet. However, the main violent battle in Constantinople will occur even later, when the World War, signaled by the 6th trumpet, will approach its end. St. Kosmas of Aetolia prophesies events of the last three trumpets of the Apocalypse (Apocalypse is the original Greek word for Revelations), along with events that are unfolding now e.g. the unbearable taxation! He foresees that they will demand to take (from us Greeks) even soldiers but they will not be able or they will not have time! (69th Prophecy)

Occurring alongside the events in the Ukraine, violence erupted in Turkey's Parliament and was broadcasted the same time - something which indicates the same spiritual dimension of the issue.


    The sign that we are proceeding towards the events of the 5th Trumpet of the Apocalypse was given by the undersea oil spillDeepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico (April 20, 2010). It was then when the "star" that opens the abyss, reaches its horizon, something which is revealed in its name: "Deepwater Horizon".

   Spiritually, the well (or abyss) represents Hell, which is truly bottomless, and the "star" that opens it, is the bishop who falls from one deception into another and who, according to St. Kosmas of Aetolia, St. Justin Popovich and according to fact, is none other than the Pope of Rome. (Read the three warnings in the book of Revelations, which are also called the "Three Woes", in Greek).

      Events are occurring quickly, though not so quickly that people cannot discern them and, in turn, be brought to repentance. The rate at which evil progresses is limited by God. In this manner, all will be held accountable for all that occurs before the final reckoning, and all will be judged, with the faithful being the only ones who will be saved. In the final phase no one will have time to repent, and this is why Elder Lavrentios warned that the Third World War will not be for repentance but for eradication! (16-Epitome by LMD in Greek, 208)  

     Elder Gregoriy Theodorovich (+1987): "He openly said to all that things will not go well for the Ukraine. He did not give his blessing to a number of priests who wanted to move from the Russian to the Ukrainian provinces. A little before his falling asleep, he told that there would be a spiritual rebirth. Churches and monasteries will re-open, but only for a short time". (Also in the Epitome, p. 69)

     Fr. Seraphim Rose (+1982) from America: "As the end of the world approaches, it is true that there will be great trials that people will never before have encountered.  (see Matt. 24:21) There will be famines, diseases, earthquakes, wars and news of war, persecutions, false prophets and false Christs, and love among people -even among Christians- will grow cold. But, during this time the Gospel will be preached to all nations and those who will remain steadfast with the grace of Christ will be saved. A satanic and false religion will prevail during the time of Antichrist, a global leader who will seem to bring peace to a disorderly world and who will seem to be Christ returning to the Earth to rule from the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem. There will be those, however, who will see past this charade. In particular, two Old-Testament prophets will reappear: Elijah, who will return the Jews to the True Faith, and Enoch, who will do the same for the other nations. The brief reign of Antichrist (only 3.5 years) will be brought to an abrupt end by the coming of Christ from Heaven, being preceded by His Cross. The world will be consumed by fire and completely renewed, while simultaneously the bodies of the dead will rise from their graves and be reunited with their souls, in order to be present at the Final Judgment." (Epitome p. 102)

     Today, leaders who fight against the Law of God, also antichrists according to Scripture, are leading us towards World War III, which has the characteristics of the "General War" described by St. Kosmas of Aetolia, and which is already beginning. The events that are unfolding match those of the End of the World. Truly, there is a similarity between the events of the apocalyptic Trumpets (which we are now experiencing) and those of the apocalyptic Bowls which concern the End. Also, we observe that deceptions are becoming more and more prevalent. The Church is currently resisting these deceptions, even without the return of the two Old-Testament prophets, but many kinds of ordeals are occurring in parallel. (Refer to the Revelations of St. John the Theologian; at

   The final Antichrist will seal his followers, but President Obama is already sealing Americans with hypodermal microchips. In Europe, Russia and in Greece, the establishments promote the control of people through electronic identification cards. They want to exercise total control over people through food, communication, money - which they want to become totally electronic - and medicine, while at the same time they speak of ... democracy! Even though they will fail, God will still allow some trials to occur; and this is why holy Elders in Greece recommend that we have keep a small piece of land and farm it, in order to live more independently of the New World Order, which will continue to exercise tyrannical control until its sudden demise by the World War.

      It is in our interest to look towards our heavenly home, always remaining steadfast in the Faith which has been given to us by Christ. This Faith is kept safe within the Orthodox Church and we should not, under any circumstance, exchange it with current deceptions for reasons of ease and convenience. "There will come a time when your enemies will take even the ashes from the fire; but you should not change your faith, as many others will do," prophesied St. Kosmas while in Siatista. (5th prophecy) "They will ask about the Christians as they used to ask about political persuasions," said Elder Paisios the Hagiorite (+1994).

    It is the year 2014 which, by rearranging the numbers, reminds us of 1204 and the devastation of Constantinople by the papal Crusaders. The Pope is the spiritual leader of globalization, gathering all "Christian" denominations and non-Christian religions (even atheists, as he did at his inter-religious service in Assisi!) in order to offer them all to the world leader, whom the Pope deems necessary! (On 27 October 2011, during an inter-religious meeting in Assisi, one by one, 13 religious leaders and one non-believer (!) all renewed their commitment to build peace in the world...! xt3 ).


Politicians seem to take comfort in the Pope's pseudo-spirituality because they, along with the Pope, have a common goal: to form a world government regardless of the cost!  


   The Russian president, along with his Chinese counterpart does not (in principle) oppose globalization. Regarding Crimea, it appears that an agreement was reached at the highest levels of power; and perhaps this is why the West did not react as much as expected. In Western Ukraine, however, there were violent reactions because papal interests prevail there.

      If the events in Crimea were truly critical for global security, the Kremlin would not have announced during that time... Putin's divorce! Rather, it seems that the latter hopes that he will live contentedly and that the situation will not degenerate into a nuclear holocaust. He is wrong, though, because it is only a matter of time.

     That the Crimean crisis was premeditated can be seen from the parallel development of the supposed "lost" flight MH370 of Malaysian airlines, for there is still a search operation being conducted... They knew the events behind Crimea and they wanted to exploit them. It is quite likely that there is a conspiracy between secret services. Because, if they are unable to track a jumbo jet flying at subsonic speeds, how can they convince us that there are ballistic and anti-ballistic systems that can detect missiles much smaller than a jumbo jet and flying at many times the speed of sound?

     That which is needed but not realized is the support of the Greeks in Ukraine by the Greek government (with a petition to the EU), so that they may be able to repatriate to Greece - even though the situation in Greece would not permit them a decent subsistence.

     Because "the times are wicked" let us renew our strength through the Church without fearing what may come. Because, "many things will happen. Cities will become shacks." (105th prophecy of St. Kosmas of Aeolia)

      Let us heed a counsel given by St. Luke the Wonderworker (1877-1961), who once was archbishop of Crimea: "My children, I deeply ask that you put on the armour that God has given you, so that you may be able to face the machinations of the Devil. You cannot imagine how evil he is. We do not war with poeple but with ‘powers and principalities', in other words, the evil demons. Beware!"

Monk Leontios Dionysiates

Holy Mount - Athos

April 28 / May 11, Sunday of the Paralytic (Gospel reading)

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8.        The events before the final Antichrist, which are characterized by the pouring of the Bowls of the Apocalypse, are similar to those of the apocalyptic Trumpets which we are living now, before World War III. These destructions also have a mathematical proportion! This is why the Holy Fathers, though focused on the events leading to the end of the world, are nevertheless significant for all who are currently living them. See the 1st volume of the collection of prophecies (in Greek):

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